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Strengthen your company's identity by utilizing branded letterheads for effective communication. Impart memorable impressions on your customers with an elegant letterhead design. Make your brand stand out in the market amongst competitors with a custom printed letterhead.

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Our Papers

Elevate your brand with our expertly curated selection of papers
Coated Matte/Gloss - White
  • Coated Matte (1) paper has a non-reflective surface that minimizes glare
  • Coated Gloss (2) paper has a reflective surface that produces bright, saturated colors and high contrast
  • Often used for printed materials where visual impact is a high priority
Uncoated Smooth - White
  • Clean, bright white appearance providing a sharp, crisp contrast for printed text and images
  • Smooth and uniform surface that provides a professional look and feel
  • Has a slick touch that can enhance the perception of quality and luxury
Uncoated Smooth - Natural
  • Off-white or ivory color, giving a warmer, more natural look
  • Used for projects where a more organic or natural look is desired
  • Smooth texture similar to uncoated smooth white paper, but with a more unique texture and appearance
Eggshell - White
  • Ultra White (1) gives a bright white tone that can help colors appear more vivid and contrast better
  • White (2) offers a slightly softer finish which can lend a warmer, natural feel
  • Has a subtle texture that can provide a tactile element
Cotton - White
  • Fluorescent White (1) offers a brighter shade of white, making it ideal for high-impact designs
  • Pearl White (2) has a slightly glossier finish compared to other cotton papers
  • Has a high level of durability and can resist tearing, creasing, and fading
Uncoated Smooth - Dark
  • Epic Black (1) gives a velvety texture that is meant to provide deep, rich blacks
  • Navy Blue (2) is ideal for creating a sophisticated and elegant look with a deep blue hue
  • Our premier white ink printing paper stocks, providing a rich contrast

FAQ - General

Do you have artwork requirements?

We require uploaded files to be press-ready. We recommend that you check out our file-setup guide to ensure accuracy of all uploaded files.

What should I check before I upload a file?

Ensure that your file is set up properly according to our file-setup guide, double check that the file has properly set up bleeds, margins, line weight, etc. All of this information can be found on our file-setup guide.

Can you print on my supplied paper stocks?

We can print on the vast majority of paper stocks. Rules and restrictions will apply. To find out if we can print on yours, contact us using our form.

What are your production cut-off times?

Our production cut-off time ends at 4pm Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 10am can expect to receive a proof within 1-2 business days.

How can I preview my order before it prints?

You may request a proof located at the bottom of each product page.

What is a bleed?

Bleed is the small section of artwork that extends beyond where the paper is trimmed. It ensures that print designs extend to the edge of the print. For further information, take a look at our article printing basics & general info.

Can you fold my print?

We offer a variety of folding options by selecting the desired folding option within the product page.

How do I know the color will be correct?

Method of print, paper color, how a file is set-up, room lighting and an individual’s eye all impact the how the print looks. For pantone colors, our 1-3 color offset press prints with pantone ink, ensuring a high level of color accuracy. For more info, visit print color & digital color.

Can you fix my file if I don’t send it to you correctly?

Due to time constraints, we do not alter files that we receive for print projects. Instead, we allow the customer to fix their file.

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